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Title: 學習型社區
Other Titles: A Learning Community: New Perspectives of Globalization and Lifelong Learning
Authors: 陳雪雲
Issue Date: Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文宗旨在討論全球化與成人教育之間的關係,並兼及國家和新資訊科技所扮演 的角色。邁向全球化社會的過程中,學習型社區被視為是一種新的教育設置,以提供民眾 終身學習的資源。首先,介紹終身學習社會與社區教育的理論取向,並強調生活世界學習 的重要性。其次,主張學習型社區是被動員的學習空間,政治公民權、文化公民權和個人 生命中重要事件是學習型社區是被動員的學習的內涵,最後,為提供充分學習資源,建議 結合社區中各種文化教育機構,如家庭、博物館、公共圖書館、職場、讀書會、觀鳥俱樂 部、社區廣播和電視台等,鼓勵它們發揮教育力。
This paper aims to contribute to the debate about adult education and globalization and raises issues concerning the role of the nation state and information and multi-media technologies. In this article a new educational design in terms of a learning community is proposed through which the role of adult education within a context of globalization is scrutinized. The first section addresses key theoretical perspectives in the literature of lifelong education and community education. Attention truns to current theories of lifelong learning based on daily life. This is followed a learning community which is a public space whose resources are mobilized for learning with respect to its members. Attention is focused subsequently on the implementation of a pedagogy of civic and culture literacy, and the biographical competencies which individual require in order to survive in contemporary conditions of globalization. It concludes by posing a variety of strategies to encourage local institutions, such as the family, museum, public library, place of employment, study circle, bird watching club, community radio and television stations etc., to regard themselves as potential educative agencies for the community.
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