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Title: 回流教育制度的省思
Other Titles: Reconsiderations on System of Recurrent Education
Authors: 詹棟樑
Issue Date: Jun-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 「回流教育」(Recurrent Education)無論是在終身學習或成人教育方面,都是 重要的一種教育。成人離開學校已經有一段時間,與學校的關係也已疏遠,如果有機會再 回學校去重溫學生之夢,是一件有趣且有益的事情。   「回流教育」這個名詞是在一九七○年初開始使用,並開始研究這種教育。當時這個 名詞被使用後,很快地傳開來,尤其是在語言(創新的名詞)與教育計畫方面令人感到興 趣,而且這個概念首先在瑞典建立起來(Bengton 1972, et al.)。
"Recurrent Education" is named by Swedish educator Olof Palme. It was first presented in 1969. Its meaning is "returning to school for education at intervals". This kind of education is one part of adult education. The "Recurrent Education" is important for the adult. There are four important educations for the adult: 1.Recurrent education 2.Permanent education 3.Continuing education 4.Lifelong education and the "Recurrent Education" is one important of educations of the four. The condition of "Recurrent Education" as mentioned by international organizations: OECD, UNESCO and EC(European Council) and approved its functions and overspreaded everywhere. Since 1970 the "International Year of Education" took place and discussed this kind of education, was determined to devote to widen spread the world. This decision is useful and helpful for the adult. "Recurrent Education" is helping each other between the adult and school. The adult learn base on this condition by needs and interests; The school gives encourgement and service. Our country is the education under reforming. "Recurrent Education" be- comes educational policy. We shall pay more attention on this kind of education.
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