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Title: 成人識字教育教材設計探討
Other Titles: An Explorative Study of Materials Design for Adult Literacy Programs
Authors: 黃明月
Issue Date: Jun-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學社會教育學系
Department of Adult and Continuing Education, NTNU
Abstract: 近年來,我國成人識字教育受到相當的重視。然而有關成人識字教育的教材則始終缺乏實證研究與系統化的編製歷程,造成學習者和教學者的困難。因此本文從系統化設計的觀點檢視當前識字教材的問題,並嘗試以此觀點建立我國成人識字教育教材設計的模式。根據本研究分析,我國當前成人識字教育的主要問題:ぇ課程主題零散,缺乏結構性,不易系統性的提昇學習者識字能力與基本生活知能。え課文體裁以韻文為主,不易培養學習者語文運用能力。ぉ課文概念淺顯,生字艱澀的兩難,影響教材的適用性。お作業練習的設計缺乏與教學目標,學習者先備知能的聯繫。か課文主體與補充教材未做區分,且缺乏教師指引手冊。が缺乏形成性評量的過程。本文建議從了解學者身心發展特性、漢字的特性及教學策略著手,進而以情境理論為基礎,以系統化教學設計為模式來發展我國成人識字教育教材。
Adult literacy programs have been the focus of adult education recently. However, there are few empirical studies on teaching materials design. Considering the perspective of systematic model, the purpose of this study is two-fold. One is to analyze the problems of the teaching materials currently used in adult literacy programs in Taiwan. The other is to propose a model of teaching materials design. The major problems in the adult literacy materials are as follows: 1.Most materials are ill-structured. 2.Most materials are written in rhymed composition. 3.There is a dilemma in the adaptability of the materials. 4.There is no relationship between objectives and evaluation. 5.There is no distinction between contents and enrichment materials. 6.There are no teacher's guide and learner's guide. 7.There is no formative evaluation on the materials. This study suggests a systematic model for materials designs, which is based on the understanding of the characteristics of learners, Chinese, and situation theory.
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