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Title: 玫瑰花叢中的老虎
Other Titles: A Tiger among the Roses: The Path of Psychological Experiences of a Male Home Economics Teacher Making His Career Choice
Authors: 謝銀沙
Issue Date: May-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Abstract: 本研究探討一位男性家政教師生涯抉擇的心路歷程,以半結構之深度訪談,經由受訪者之敘 說,研究者以詮釋現象學取向,進行文本資料的收集、分析與解釋。主題分析結果呈現七個階段:一、選填志願:我不知道風,要往那個方向吹;二、進入大學:玫 瑰花叢中的老虎;三、轉系掙扎:其實你不懂我的心;四、大學畢業:驀然回首來時路;五、生涯抉擇:那人卻在燈光闌珊處;六、教學生涯:達達的馬蹄,是個美 麗的錯誤;七、生涯規劃:我是歸人,不是過客。 男性家政教師是不符傳統觀念的職業取向,家政領域欠缺男性參與是極需被關注的議題。家政以家庭為核心,探討有關家庭內外相關的各種事物,家庭是男女兩性共 有,家政應該不分性別,需要兩性共同參與,有男性家政教師出現,對解構性別刻板印象,對家政教育專業發展有正面意義。
The research explores the path of the psychological process and experiences by which a male Home Economics teacher making his career choice. Through a series of in-depth, semi-structured interviews to elicit the subject's own narrative of events, the researcher uses a hermeneutic phenomenological approach to undertake data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Severn stages emerge as a result of the topic analysis: 1. Choosing a College and the College Major- I do not know which way the wind is going to blow, 2. College Entry-A Tiger among the roses; 3. Changing College Major- In fact, you do not know my heart; 4. College Graduation- Looking back at my path of search; 5. Career Choice-I came to the unexpected realization that the answer has always been there; 6. Teaching Career- The sound of the hoof beat is nothing but a beautiful mistake; 7. Lifetime Career Planning- I am coming home; I am not a passerby. Choosing to become a Home Economics teacher does not conform to traditional thinking on occupations that suit a male. The lack of male participation in the field of Home Economics is an issue greatly in need of attention. The family is at the heart of Home Economics which, as a discipline, explores various internal and external matters concerning the family. As the family is the common possession of both males and females, Home Economics ought not to discriminate according to gender and requires the joint participation of both sexes. The emergence of the male Home Economics teacher has positive significance both for dispelling sexual stereotypes and the development of Home Economics as a specialized discipline.
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