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Title: 幼教教學案例之建立
Other Titles: Establishing Case-based Teaching Materials in Early Childhood Education
Authors: 林育瑋
Issue Date: Dec-2007
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Abstract: 案例教學法是一種以案例爲核心的教學方法,其提供學習者真實的情境,讓學習者在教學者 的引導下,了解教學可能面對的問題;也藉由與同儕及教學者對案例內容充分的交流與互動、分析與思考,以培養學習者問題解決、及統整實務與理論知識的能力, 並協助其建構個人的教學理論。案例教學法不僅對職前師資培育有意義,對於在職教師的專業成長亦有所裨益。 鑑於國內缺乏幼教案例,研究者組成了研究小組於2005年4月至12月期間進行幼教案例的建立。研究小組深入訪談幼雅園的現場老師,再藉由研究小組的討 論、觀點的澄清、撰寫案例、形成討論題綱,並且邀請跨領域專家(幼教及心理輔導專家)撰寫案例評析。本研究邀請12位幼教教師參與教學案例資料的提供,而 由案例小組進行撰寫案例工作,並對於每位教師進行多次的訪談。爲達到訪談資料收集的完整性,每次訪談皆是兩人一組進行,以瞭解教師處理事件的歷程、想法及 困難點等。訪談之後,進行逐字稿的謄寫,並請幼教教師確認及修正文字資料檔案,以確定故事的真實性、可讀性,以及是否完整呈現他的想法及困難點等。爲了提 供閱讀案例者的反思與洞察,每個案例最後均經兩位幼教及兩位心理輔導專家學者加以評析,以拓展師資生及在職教師的視野,也刺激大家以多面向的角度來思考。 本研究進行教學案例之建立,研究者期待可以引發幼教師資培育者瞭解案例教學法於師資培育上的重要性,並進而加以運用;另外也期待能鼓勵幼教實務工作者願意 將自己的教學故事傳承下來,提供其他幼教人藉由案例的分享、討論,更瞭解幼教實務,以及搭建理論與實務之問的橋樑。
Case method is a teaching method that centers on cases. It provides an authentic scenario for learners to explore the problems that they might face in teaching under the guidance of instructor. Through extensive discussions, interactions, analyses, and thinking of the cases with peers and the instructor, case method also enables the learners to build up their capabilities in problem-solving, integrating practical and theoretical knowledge, as well as constructing their personal teaching theories. Case method is not only significant to pre-service teacher education but also beneficial to professional development of in-service teachers. In view of the lack of teaching cases for early childhood education in Taiwan, the researcher formed a research team to produce teaching cases of early childhood education between April and December of 2005. After conducting in-depth interviews with incumbent kindergarten teachers, the research team engaged in group discussions, clarified viewpoints, put together teaching cases, and proposed guidelines for discussion. Interdisciplinary experts (early childhood education and psychology and counseling experts) were later invited to produce analyses on the teaching cases. Twelve early childhood teachers were involved in providing information for the teaching cases while the research team was responsible for writing up the teaching cases. Each teacher was interviewed several times during the research. To ensure the integrity of data collection and fully understand the history, thoughts, and difficult points of each event handled by each teacher, every interview was carried out by two research team members. Afterwards, the research team would produce a verbatim report of the interview and asked the interviewee to verify and modify the written report to ensure the authenticity, readability, and genuine reflection of the thoughts and difficult points of the interviewee. Eventually, each teaching case was analyzed and commented by two early ch
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