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Title: 臺灣旅館業品牌形象與品牌權益之因果關係研究
Other Titles: Examining the Casual Relationship between Brand Image and Brand Equity in Hotel Industry
Authors: 張宏生
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學人類發展與家庭學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
Abstract: 本研究提出一種品牌權益管理的概念性關係架構,品牌個性、品牌形象、品牌關係與品牌權 益。品牌形象與品牌關係在本模型中之中介效果在本研究中將被探究,而品牌個性、品牌形象、品牌關係與品牌權益之關係如何也是另一個探討的重點。本研究目的 旨在探討品牌個性、品牌形象、品牌關係與品牌權益之間的關係,並進一步探索其影響路徑。本研究使用具有高信度與效度之量表,以問卷訪談方式蒐集樣本資料, 並進一步透過結構方程式分析。 結果發現,品牌形象對品牌權益的主要影響路徑爲「品牌個性-品牌形象-品牌關係-品牌權益」。故本研究證明在品牌形象與品牌權益的影響關係中,品牌形象與 品牌關係爲兩個重要的中介變數。本研究並建議後續研究者可進一步以更細緻化的方式找出品牌個性與品牌權益的關係,例如以品牌形象中的功能形象可能對品牌權 益的功能屬性權益有正向影響。實務上,管理者可以採用最佳化投資於攸關的品牌個性之要素線索,以提昇相對應的品牌權益。本研究的貢獻之一是本研究強調影響 旅館品牌權益的水準是來自於品牌關係、品牌形象與品牌個性。本研究成果提供旅館業採用品牌行銷活動與發展品牌權益的若干具體建議與參考意涵。
This study presents a causal relationship/linkage framework among the brand personality, brand image brand relationship and brand equity. The purpose of this work is to elucidate how brand personality, brand image brand relationship and brand equity are related, and explores the path of this casual relationship. Samples were collected using the questionnaire, which had been assessed the quality of our measurement efforts by investigating reliability and validity. The findings are as follows, the path of this casual relationship is "brand personality-brand image-brand relationship-brand equity." For future research, internal factors or dimensions of forgoing variables may influence brand personality with more information should be discussed. In practice, hotel managers can hone the relevant brand personality elements and optimize investments to increase brand equity. One of the contributions of this research is its conclusions and suggestions of brand marketing and elements towards increasing its brand equity and competitiveness in hotel industry.
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