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Title: 社區婦女休閒時間身體活動測量問卷信效度評價
Other Titles: Evaluation the Reliability and Validity of Leisure-time Exercise Questionnaire in the Chinese Community Women with the VO[feaf]max, Percent Body Fat and the Muscular Endurance as Criteria
Authors: 李明憲
Issue Date: Dec-2004
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 在大規模人口的身體活動測量方面,使用問卷是實用的方法,本研究的目的在於評估Godin休閒時間身體活動問卷的同時效度與再測信度。研究對象是39名社 區婦女,平均年齡是51.1歲,最大攝氧量、體脂肪百分比、肌耐力為效標。 結果指出Godin休閒時間身體活動問卷總分與最大攝氧量、體脂肪百分比、肌耐力間的關聯度達到顯著相關,而從不同運動類型來看,費力運動與最大攝氧量、 肌耐力達到顯著相關,中等費力運動僅與最大攝氧量達到顯著相關,而在總分與費力運動的四週後再測信度分別為0.85與0.93。 Kruskal-Wallis分析結果指出不同健康體能組中,健康體能最好的第一組費力運動顯著比第二組、第三組、第四組較為活躍。另外第一組的身體活動 總分亦顯著高於第三組、四組。因此Godin休閒時身體活動問卷在分辨不同健康體能組的身體活動量方面具有一定的實用性。整體而言,整份問卷在測量社區婦 女的身體活動量上具有適當的信度與效度。
The use of questionnaires has generally been considered the most practical method of assessing physical in large population studies. The purpose of this study was to assess the concurrent validity and test-retest reliability of the Godin leisure-time exercise questionnaire. The maximum oxygen intake, percent body fat and muscular endurance were used as concurrent validity criteria. Subjects were 39 community women, the average age was 51.1. The reported total scores of Godin leisure-time questionnaire was significantly associated to VO2max, percent body fat and muscular endurance, the strenuous physical activity was significant association with the VO2max and muscular endurance. The moderate physical activity was significantly association with the VO2max. the four week test-retest reliability of total scores and strenuous physical activity was significant. The analysis of Kruskal-Wallis showed that the fitness category 1 reported more active than the category 2,3,4 group, participated in strenuous physical activities. The category 1 was also more higher than the category 3 and group 4 in the scores of total Godin leisure-time questionnaire. It is practical inn discriminating the physical activity of different groups. The questionnaire demonstrated adequate reliability and validity in measuring the physical activity of community women.
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