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Title: 社區健康媒體之發展與評價
Other Titles: Development and Evaluation of a Community Health Campaign Program: Use of the Strategies of Health Information Processing and Social Marketing
Authors: 劉潔心
Issue Date: Dec-2000
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究旨在運用健康訊息傳播及社會行銷策略發展有效之社區媒體介入策略。本研究設計出三種以「閱聽人興趣為主」的媒體內涵,分別包括(1)社居報紙:針對上班族(2)小冊:針對社區老人(3)單張:針對社區媽媽。研究對象立意選取台北市文山區萬和社區,採系統分層隨機抽樣,共回收有效樣本222份問卷。本研究工具共分為二種(一)社區居民綠色消費媒體訊息成效問卷(二)媒體訊息成效街頭訪視問卷。 本研究透過量性與質性的評價結果發現,三個族群對其綠色消費媒體的整體評價大部分呈現正向滿意的結果,且從教育內涵標準上也能對社區居民的綠色消費覺察 度、知識、態度、自我效能及行為有正向的影響。
A series of community media campaign programs designed to enhance green consumption awareness, knowledge, attitude, self-efficacy and behavior were developed and evaluated. Separate media (pamphlet, plat sheets, and community newspaper) were developed for each of three target audiences (elderly, housekeepers and working people) . Social marketing strategies concerning consumer orientation, segmentation, and marketing mix, were integrated in media design and testing. Health information processing strategies concerning information resource, message, channel, receptors and destination were also applied in media design. In a systematic randomized sampling with 222 community members, significant changes in green consumption awareness, knowledge, attitude, self-efficacy and behavior were observed at posttest questionnaire and street interviews.
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