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Title: 探討警告標誌、救生站、水域救生與溺水結果之關係
Other Titles: Explore the Influence of Warning Signs, Lifesaving Stations, and Lifesaving Measures upon Accidental Drowning
Authors: 王國川
Issue Date: Dec-2003
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 溺水事故仍是目前國內教育及公共衛生非常重要的課題之一。政府消防單位與民間救生團體都採取比較被動的預防措施,如樹立警告標誌、設立救生站、水域救生 等。然而,這些被動的預防措施對於溺水結果是否具有統計上之影響,以及實質上的意義,則仍待本研究來加以探討。根據邏輯迴歸分析之結果,發現樹立警告標 誌、設立救生站、水域搶救、實施心肺復甦術、送醫治療與觀察等變項,個別對於民眾發生溺水結果都具有統計上之影響,但是其中只有水域搶救、送醫治療與觀察 分別具有較大、中等的實質上意義。再者,在排除其他重要的相關變項之影響後,發現樹立警告標誌、水域搶救、實施心肺復甦術等變項,各自對於民眾發生溺水結 果都具有統計上之影響,而其其中只有水域搶救具有較大的實質上意義。然而,實施心肺復甦術的影響,是取決於先前有沒有接受水域搶救,而送醫治療與觀察的影 響,則是同時取決於有沒有水域搶救與實施心肺復甦術。
Drowning comprises an important challenge to our education and public health. Fire departments and lifesaving associations all took the passive preventive strategies-warning signs, lifesaving stations, and lifesaving measures. However, do these strategies have statistically and empirically influence upon accidental drowning: These issues need further to be studied. According to the logistic regression analyses, it was found that warming signs, lifesaving stations, water rescue, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and medical care all had statistically significant influence upon accidental drowning individually, but only water rescue and medical care were empirically meaningful. Warming signs, water rescue and cardiopulmonary resuscitation still had statistically influence upon accidental drowning, but only water rescue was empirically meaningful after adjusting the impacts of gender, age, and aquatic activities. More importantly, it was found that water rescue determined the effect of cardiopulmonary resuscitation on accidental drowning, and both did the effect of medical care on accidental drowning.
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