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Title: 國中生的社會技巧、個人能力與飲酒行為之初探研究
Other Titles: The Exploration of Social Skills, Personal Competence and Alcohol Use in Junior High School Students
Authors: 黃春太
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究旨在討國中生的社會技巧、個人能力與飲酒行為關係。研究對象為臺南縣二國中一、二、三年級學生,採用分層叢抽樣法,抽出21個班級的學生為樣本,有 效樣本為830人,施測時 間是九十一年十二月至九十二年一月。 結果發全體受試者的社會技巧平均得分在中上程度,女生的社會技巧顯著高於男生;就年級而言,一年級的社會技巧顯著高於二、三年級。依各分項來看,在人際扶 持、社交認知、權威行為等變項,女生顯著高於男生。在人際扶持、權威行為、溝通表達等變項,一年級顯著高於二、三年級。 女性在學業成就顯著高於男生。男生在違規行為顯著高於女生。自尊變項,一年級顯著高於二、三年級。自我效能隨年級升高而降低,且達顯著差異。 權威行為愈差、溝通表達愈好、違規行為愈多、自我效能愈低,則愈有飲酒行為。這些變項對飲酒行為的解釋力為31.4%。 根據研究發現,建議加強國中生的社會技巧練,提升自我效能,加強自尊教育,並對有違規行為的學生加強輔導,以減低飲酒行為。對於未研究方向,建議繼續探討 社會技巧、個人能力變項內涵,並針對不同地區的國中生進行研究。
The main purpose of this study was to explore the relation of social skills, personal competence and alcohol use. The sample of the investigation was selected by the proportionate probability sampling method. Two junior high schools in Tai-Nan County were included, with the total number of valid questionnaires being 830. The data was collected via a group self-administration in January, 2003. The main findings were presented as follows: The mean score of social skills was above middle degree. There were significant differences in gender and grades. Girls got higher scores than boys, the 7th got higher scores than the 8th and the 9th. In personal support, social cognition and authority behavior, girls significantly got higher scores than boys. In personal support, authority behavior and communication expression, the 7th significantly got higher scores than the 8th and the 9th. Students with lower authority behavior, more communication expression, more violation behavior, and less self-effacing were more likely to have alcohol use. The expectation of these factors was 31.4%. It was suggested to add social skills training to junior high school students, promote self-efficacy and self-esteem, and counsel deviant behavior students, to decrease alcohol use. Future researches should continue exploring the meanings of social skills and personal competence and include the junior higher school students at different areas.
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