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Title: 「健康促進生活型態」中文簡式量表之發展研究
Other Titles: Development of the Short-Form Chinese Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile
Authors: 魏米秀
Issue Date: Dec-2005
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 本研究目的是發展中文「健康促進生活型態量表」的簡式量表,檢驗原始中文量表(HPLP)和簡式量表(HPLP-S)測量模型的適配性,並進行簡式量表的 信度、效度及複核效度檢核。研究對象為某技術學院學生,樣本一(n=401)為本研究的主要樣本,接受所有研究工具的施測;樣本二(n=559)為進行複 核效化檢驗的同質性樣本。測量模型的檢驗是採用結構方程模式的方法,以LISREL軟體進行驗證性因素分析。 主要研究結果如下:(1)驗証性因素分析(CFA)結果,支持HPLP六個分量表的結構。(2)以統計數值為依據,選出每個分表4題,共24題構成簡式量 表的題目。HPLP-S的測量模型CFA檢驗結果,有良好的適配性表現。(3) HPLP-S總量表的內部一致性信度係數為.90,各分量表為.63~.79。(4) HPLP、HPLP-S各分量表與其相關概念間的相關係數均達顯著水準。(5)在樣本一得到的HPLP-S基本測量模型(除了誤差項以外的所有參數),可 遷移到樣本二,支持HPLP-S的部分複核效化。 綜合研究結果,在經過構念效度、信度首初核效度檢驗後,HPLP-S達到初步可接受的水準,為一個可替代HPLP的簡式量表。本研究也討論了未來使用此量 表時的參考原則和相關測量議題的研究建議。
The purpose of this study was to develop a short version of the Chinese Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile (HPLP-S) and to examine the validity and reliability of HPLP-S. The subjects were the students in an institute of technology in Taiwan. The normative sample (n=408) completed the whole self-reported questionnaires, and another cross-validation sample (n=559) completed HPLP measure only. The measurement models were tested using LISREL structural equation modeling. The findings are as follows: (1)Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) confirmed six factors for HPLP . (2)On the basis of statistical data, 24 items were selected form the original scale. The final HPLP-S consisted of six subscales, with four items per subscale. CFA revealed that the measurement model of HPLP-S was good fit for the data. (3)The internal consistent reliability coefficients were .90 for HPLP-S total scale and ranged from .63 to .79 for the subscales. (4)The relationships between the subscales of HPLP, HPLP-S and other construct validity-related measures were examined. All correlation coefficients were significant. (5)CFA revealed that the measurement model (excepting parameters associated with error terms) of HPLP-S is invariant across the normative sample and the cross-validation sample. It was concluded that HPLP-S has demonstrated initial reliability and validity. Further using and testing of HPLP-S is discussed.
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