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Title: 家庭因素和學業表現對我國國小學童視力保健與運動行為之影響
Other Titles: The Influence of Family Factors and Academic Performance on Visual Care and Exercise Behavior of Elementary School Students in Taiwan
Authors: 黃淑貞
Issue Date: Jun-2004
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 近視與運動量不足是目前臺灣地區國小學童所面臨嚴重的健康問題。本研究的目的是為瞭解並探討學業表和家庭因素對於國小中、高年級學童視力保健與運動行為之 影響。研究者參考國內外相關文獻並使用開性問蒐集本土性的健康行為項目。問卷經由專家麥度以及信度考驗,及預試後定稿。民國91年9月至11月正式施測。 研究者以分層叢集抽樣抽出臺灣地區5800名3至6年級學童作答,回收率達83.21%,為4826份。資料以迴歸(Multiple Regression)分析學童之學業表現和家庭因素和此兩種行為之相關情形。研究木發現,學童視力保健行為和運動行為呈現正相關。在視力保健行為方面具 有預測力的因素是:學童自覺成績表現、學童對自己的學業期望、家長本身的視力保健行為與家長對於其子女視力保健行為的督促程度。而在運動行為方面具有預測 力的因素是:學童自覺成績表現、學童對自己的學業期望、家長本身的運動行為與觮長對於其子女的運動行為的督促程度。本數據研究結果,應強學童的視力保健與 運動行為,鼓勵學童在看完電視後應該休息,下課時間會到操場運動,此外,增加父母對於視力保健與運動的認識,除期望督促其子女的健康行為外,也應增強本身 的健康行為。
Myopia and lacking for exercise and two of the most serious health problems of elementary school students school students in Taiwan. The purpose of this study was to find out the influence of the family factors and academic performance on visual care and exercise behavior of the third to sixth graders of elementary school. A self-designed questionnaire was evaluated and tested by experts thoroughly and completed by 4826 third to sixth graders during the period form September to November 2002. The result showed that visual care and exercise behavior are positively related. The predictive factors towards visual care were: self-rated academic scores of students, their anticipation of academic performance, the health behavior of the parents and their encouragement of the performance of children. The predictive factors of exercise behavior of the students were: self-rated academic scores, anticipation of academic performance, exercise behavior of the parents and encouragement towards children. Based on the results, the educators should make an effort to improve the visual care and exercise behavior of the students. The students should be encouraged to take a rest after watching TV and to exercise between classes. Besides, the female students should be encouraged to do more exercise and the male students to do more visual care behavior. Moreover, we should raise the awareness of the importance of visual care and exercise behaviors for the parents. They should not only encourage the healthy behavior of children but also act as a good role model.
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