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Title: 中老年健康促進生活型態與自覺健康狀態之關係
Other Titles: The Relationship between Health Promotion Lifestyle and Perceived Health Status among Adults
Authors: 張彩秀
Issue Date: Jun-2002
Publisher: 健康促進與衛生與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education
Abstract: 健康促進生活型態對健康影響甚鉅,若能在邁入老年前期的前一階段即了解其概況,則有改善之切入點。基此,本研究之目的:(1)了解中老年人健康促進生活型 態。(2)了解中老年人之自覺健康狀態。(3)探討影響中老年人健康促進生活型態之因素。(4)分析健康促進生活型態與自覺健康狀態之關係。本研究採橫斷 面研究設計,立意取樣年滿40歲以上居住臺中縣市之中老年人,得可分析樣本679名。結果:(1)中老年健康促進生活型態最差的三項分別為:預防性的照護 行為、運動與休閒、睡眠。(2)在自覺健康狀態方面:有14.9%主訴較同年齡層的人健康狀況差或非常差。94.6%主訴最近一個月有生理上的不 適。(3)影響健康促進行為包括四因素:性別、社會經濟地位、每日活動度、與自我效能。(4)在「主觀健康感受」與「不適生理症狀」方面:控制其他變項 後,健康促進行為與「主觀健康感受」「不適生理症狀」並無明顯相關。而在「自覺心理健康感受」方面則呈現明顯正相關。結論:健康促進生活型態與自覺心理健 康的感受有關。而健康促進生活型態之影響因素中:性別、社會經濟地位、每日活動度可改變的程度輬少,而自我效能可改變程度高,因此建議可經由增進中老年人 健康促進生活型態之自我效能著手,如:示範、立即增強、簽訂契約。慢慢增加其實際行為,進而促進其對心理健康之感受。
Health promotion lifestyle is an important factor to our health. If we can understand what the adults’ lifestyle, and we can promote them more healthy. Objectives: the purposes of this study is to understand what’s health promotion lifestyle and perceived health status among adults, to investigate the factors affected health promoting lifestyle, and to analyze the relationship between health promotion lifestyle and perceived health status among adults. Methods: A total of 679 adults in Taichung completed a self-administered questionnaire. Results: The worst three of their health promotion lifestyle are preventive behavior, exercise, and sleep habit. There are 14.9% complain their health are worse than the same aged people, 94.6% complain their physical sign and symptom. There are four factors (sex, socioeconomic status, activity of daily life, and self-efficacy) affected health promoting lifestyle, and health promoting lifestyle is positive correlation with mental health. Conclusion: If we want to change their health promoting lifestyle, we can promote their self-efficacy, like modeling, reinforcing, conmmittment and finally to promote their mental health.
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