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Title: 美國伊利諾州立大學美術與設計學校附設週末美術課程之教育功能探討
Other Titles: The Educational Function of Saturday Art Class Program at the University of Illinois
Authors: 陳瓊花
Issue Date: Jun-1996
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 美國伊利諾州立大學美術與設計學校附設週末美術課程,成立於1962年,這項課程的設置,旨在幫助有志於教職之美術及設計學系的同學,經由實際教學的經驗,發展其日後從事教學所需之各種專業技能,以便成為稱職的教育人員。本文從此校有關此課程之運作及管理,探討其所發揮之教育功能,並提出作為國內正值開放教育學分之際,大專校院美術科系附設假日修習美術課程之可行性,及其價值與意義之參考。
The Saturday Art Class Program, established in 1962, is sponsored by School of Art and Design, College of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Illinois. The program of Saturday Art Class is designed to help the students of School of Art and Design to become a confident and effective teacher. Through the practice in teaching art, students will work to develop and master skills necessary to become an art educator. According to the evaluation of this program which was conducted by author in the Spring of 1995, this article aims to: 1. introduce the administration and operation of the program, 2. investigate the educational function of the program, 3. discuss the weaknesses of the program, 4. make recommendation to devlop a holiday art class in the University which provides art education credits.
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