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Title: 國中生認知/意動成份與學習表現之相關研究
Other Titles: Relationship among Junior High School Students' Cognitive/Conative Components and Learning Performance
Authors: 程炳林
Issue Date: Apr-2000
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的目的如下:(1)瞭解四個認知成份變項與四個意動成份變項之關係。(2)探討八個認知╱意動成份變項對國中學習表現的預測力。(3)探討認知╱意動成份是否能將受試者區分成明顯的集群。  受試者來自八所國中共687人,他們接受閱讀理解測驗(丙式)、策略覺察量表,學習策略量表、情意反應量表、學習動機量表、行動導向量表、行動控制策略量表之施測。研究發現如下:(1)認知成份四個變項與意動成份四個變項彼此可以互相解釋大約56%左右的變異量。意動成份對訊息處理策略和後設認知策略的解釋力比較高,認知成份對學習動機和行動控制策略的解釋力比較高。(2)認知╱意動成份八個變項可以聯合解釋國中生學習表現總變異量的54%,其中內容知識是學習表現最有力的預測變項。(3)認知╱意動成份四個因素可以將全體受試者區分成三個特性明顯的集群。
The purposes of this study were: (1) to explore the relationship among students' cognitive and conation variables, (2) to explore the effect of cognitive/conation variables on students' learning performance, and (3) to group observations into clusters by cognitive/conation components. Participants were 687 students from eight junior high schools. The instruments employed in these studies included: Reading Comprehension Tests (from C), Index of Reading Strategies Awareness, Learning Strategies Inventory, Affective Response Inventory, Learning Motivation Inventory, Action Orientation Inventory, and Action Control Strategies Inventory. The results of this study were as follow: (1) There were significant canonical correlation between cognitive components and conation components. The redundancy indices were 29.75% and 26.44%. (2) There were significant multiple correlation between cognitive/ conation variables and learning performance. The cognitive/conation variables explained about 54% of the overall variance of learning performance. (3) The cluster analysis showed that subjects could be grouped into three clusters by cognitive/conation components.
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