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Title: 「同儕科學家意像」對訊息合理性判斷的影響分析
Other Titles: An Analysis of the Effects of "Image of Peer-Scientists" on Students' Judgement of the Reasonableness of Science Information
Authors: 楊文金
Issue Date: Apr-1998
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究以社會基模理論為基礎,將「科學家意象」轉化為「同儕科學家意象」,並嘗試以這種亦像來描述班級的結構,進而探討這種結構的穩定性,以及學生在對科學訊息合理性進行判斷時,是否受到「同儕科學家」與「非同儕科學家」的影響;「同儕科學家」與「非同儕科學家」分別指那些被認為像科學家與不像科學家的同學。在本研究中所發展的研究工具包括「教室結構問卷」與「信念選擇測驗」,選取三個專科一年級與四個國三班級為樣本,以前後測的方式進行探討。主要研究發現為:所以班級都可以從「同儕科學家意像」這個維度形成穩定的班級結構,「同儕科學家」以男生居多(75%),而「非同儕科學家」亦以男生佔絕大多數(85%)。當科學訊息與「同儕科學家」一起出現時,其合理程度將上昇約15%,反之則下降約11%。本文討論這些研究發現的意義及其對科學教育的蘊涵。
The aims of his study include: (a) describing class structures in terms of 'Image of Peer-Scientist (IPS)', which is defined by social schema theory; (b) investigating the stability of such structures ; (c) exploring the effects of Peer-Scientists (PS) and Non-Peer-Scientists (NPS) (students who are or are not attributed as scientists) on classmates' judgement of the reasonableness of science information. Two ba-sic instruments, 'Class Structures Inventory' and 'Belief Selection Test', were developed. Three junior college classes and four tenth grade classes were chosed as sample. Main findings of the present study are as follows: (a) All classes exist stable structures among classmates in the dimension of IPS; (b) While 75% of PS are male, but 85% of NPS are also male; (c) It will be judged as more reasonable when science information is presented with PS, and vice versa. Some issues and implications are discussed.
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