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Title: 合作發展經驗教師專業實踐理論之研究
Other Titles: The Development of Experienced Teacher's Professional Practical Theory: The Professional Collaborative Approach
Authors: 陳美玉
Issue Date: Apr-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 教學是一門兼重理論與實踐經驗的折衷藝術,本研究為了促成高職經驗教師專業實踐理論的發展,體現理論與實踐互惠發展的研究旨趣,乃以五所高級職業學校經驗 教師作為研究對象,採用文獻分析、經驗描述、論辯、合作反省、晤談與內容分析等方法進行。本研究所獲得的重要結論,包括:經驗教師專業實踐理論具有多樣態 的特性、透過合作途徑發展經驗教師專業實踐理論有其限制,合作發展教師專業實踐理論途徑對於促進經驗教師專業發展,具有正面的影響效果等三項。本研究並針 對專業合作途徑的運用、教師經驗的應用與處理,以及未來的研究等三個層面提出建議,作為日後促進研究者與實踐者專業合作、經驗教師專業發展與相關研究之參 考。
The professional collaboration of theorist-practitioner is an important approach to improve the mutual professional development. In order to improve experienced teachers professional development, this study utilizes the literature review, experience narrative, discourse, reflection, interview and content analysis to develop the professional practical theories for experienced teachers of vocational high schools. This study abstains five conclusions that are: (1) the experienced teacher's professional practical theories have various features, (2) the professional collaborative approach has some limits for experienced teacher's professional practical theories development, (3) the professional collaborative approach could improve experienced teacher's professional development. This paper provides several suggestions for professional development of experienced teachers and future studies also.
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