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Title: 影響國小學童科技創意發展的因素之量表發展
Other Titles: The Development of Inventories for Determining Factors that Influence Pupils' Technological Creativity
Authors: 葉玉珠
Issue Date: Oct-2005
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究基於創意發展的生態系統模式,嘗試編製三份影響國小學童科技創意表現的量表-「國小學童科技創意發展個人因素量表」(IPF-PTCD)、「國小學童科技創意發展家庭因素量表」(IFF-PTCD)以及「國小學童科技創意發展學校因素量表」(ISF-PTCD)。本研究以量化的驗證取向來編製量表,即以大樣本的創造力測驗分數來篩選能區辨高低創意的題目,之後再進行信度及效度考驗。本研究的參與者包括2166 人位國小四年級至六年級的學童;主要的測量工具包括初編的IPF-PTCD、IFF-PTCD、 ISF-PTCD 和葉玉珠(2002)編製的科技創造力測驗。研究發現,所編量表具有良好的內部一致性,而且量表中的因素之間也都具有中度到高度的相關。此外,所編量表也具有良好的建構效度,而且能有效區別高低創意的學童。IPF-PTCD 包含四個因素、 IFF-PTCD 包含二個因素、ISF-PTCD 包含四個因素。
Based on the ecological systems model of creativity development, this study aimed to develop three inventories for determining factors that influence pupils’ technological creativity. The three inventories were: Inventory of Personal Factors in Pupils’ Technological Creativity Development (IPF-PTCD), Inventory of Family Factors in Pupils’ Technological Creativity Development (IFF-PTCD), and Inventory of School Factors in Pupils’ Technological Creativity Development (ISF-PTCD). This study employed a quantitative confirmatory approach to develop the above inventories. In other words, before analyzing the reliability and validity of the test items, this study used the scores on a technological creativity test as the criterion for choosing appropriate items for the inventories. The participants in this study included 2166 pupils. The main instruments used were the IPF-PTCD, IFF-PTCD, and ISF-PTCD. The findings suggest that the developed inventories have good internal-consistent reliability, and the factors in each inventory have a medium to high level of correlation. Moreover, the developed inventories have good construct validity, and each item as well as each factor can effectively discriminate the high-creativity pupils from the low-creativity ones. The IPF-PTCD, IFF-PTCD, and ISF-PTCD included four, two, and four factors, respectively.
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