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Title: 從「內化與修正」朝向「外推與解釋」的思考機制
Other Titles: The Movement of Thinking Mechanism from ‘Internalization and Revision’ to ‘Extrapolation and Explanation’: The Study on the Conceptual Development about Conservation of Mass for Taiwanese Seventh Graders
Authors: 洪振方
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國中一年級學生質量守恆概念和相關概念範疇發展內容與其思考機制。首先,本研究使用質量守恆概念二階段紙筆測驗針對高雄縣某國中35 位一年級學生進行施測,並在施測成績高、中、低分組中各選2 位作為半結構晤談個案。研究者將半結構晤談資料轉錄成逐字稿,並以微小發生分析法分析個案學生概念內容和概念範疇,建構出質量守恆概念發展流程圖,據此分析質量守恆概念發展、相關概念範疇內容與其思考機制。研究結果顯示,個案學生概念發展涉及多個概念範疇內的發展與概念範疇間的轉移,而非僅是核心概念範疇單獨發展。此外,個案學生概念發展的思考機制,呈現出從「內化與修正」朝向「外推與解釋」的趨勢。
The purpose of this study was to explore the development of conceptual categories and thinking mechanisms relating to the concept of ‘conservation of mass’ for 7th graders. Firstly, the two-tier diagnostic instrument focusing on conservation of mass was administered to 35 7th graders from Kaohsiung County. The participants were divided into high, middle and low groups according their scores in the test. And, 6 participants (with 2 students in each group) were chosen to attend the following semi-structured interviews. Secondly, the microgenetic analysis was employed to analyze the conceptual content and development of conceptual categories to construct the flow chart of students’ conceptual development. The analyses revealed that students’ conceptual development about conservation of mass involved the development and shift intra- and inter- conceptual categories, which all of the relating categories were advanced simultaneously instead of the development of individual category independently. In addition, the thinking mechanism of students showed the tendency from “internalization and revision” to “extrapolation and explanation”.
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