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Title: 家庭因素對國小學童環境行為影響模式之研究
Other Titles: A Study of the Influence of Family Factors on Primary School Students' Enviromental Behavior
Authors: 黃芳銘
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國小三至六年級學童家庭因素對環境行為影響的情形,並建構家庭因素對國小學童環境行為影響的整合模式。以問卷調查法,採分層叢集抽樣法,全 分為北、中、南、東四個區域,抽出五十所學校,每一校抽取一個班級,共獲得有效問卷1160份。將所蒐集的數據資料,透過結構方程模式的統計技術,驗證家 庭因素影響國小學童環境行為整合模式與資料數據的適配程度,並企圖尋找出各個因素之間的影響途徑。研究結果發現在家庭因素三個潛在變項「家庭背景」、「家 庭互動」和「家居環境」中,「家庭背景」對國小學童環境行為的影響是一種虛假的關係,即學童出生的家庭背景並不會對子女的環境行為表現具有直接的影響,而 需要透過「家庭互動」和「家居環境」這兩個中介變項,才有助於學童環境行為的正面表現。在家庭互動情境中,還是父母親實際陪同孩子參與有關環境保護等相關 的活動,才是改善學童環境行為最有效的方法。而「家居環境」的觀察變項中,以「社區衛生」的影響最為重要,表示落實社區環境的改造,能有效的塑造學童良好 的環境行為。
This research project focused on the effects of family factors on the environmental behavior of primary school students in Taiwan. In order to theorize and construct a model for analyzing the effects of family factors, as well as some intermediate factors, on the subjects' environmental behavior, the family backgrounds of a number of 3rd- to 6th-grade students in Taiwan were investigated. 1160 subjects were recruited from fifty classes in Taiwan's northern, central, southern and eastern areas by using stratified cluster sampling. Structural equation modeling was used to examine our initial model. The results showed that family background did not have a direct impact on students' environmental behavior, but rather that it was mediated by intermediate factors: mainly intra-family interaction and inter-family (community) environment. This means that the "family background" factor may be spurious. As for intra-family interaction, parents' participation in their children's environmental activities is the most effective method for improving children's environmental behavior. As for the variables regarding "family environment," community sanitation is the most significant. Thus, it was concluded that community environmental redevelopment can effectively enhance children's environmental behavior.
Other Identifiers: B1C62D73-0FC9-C952-FBBD-EC2C7B40E3C7
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