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Title: 性別議題融入藝術教育之統整課程行動研究實例
Other Titles: Integrating Gender Issues into the Arts Curriculum--An Example of Action Research
Authors: 陳育淳
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 課程的行動探究是改進課程與教學的有效途徑,教師透過教學才能整合「計劃」、「行動」與「評鑑」,本研究提供一次課程的經驗,以建構性的活動與統整概念, 發展結構性的教學,運用分組、角色扮演、敘述性的教學活動與實作評量,實踐將性別議題融入藝術教育的課程內涵與教學主張。研究結果顯示學生的藝術行為如同 文化的批判,可以透過藝術教育探索生活中人、事、物之特質與意義。將藝術知識與生活經驗相互結合,不僅培養學生藝術專業上的基本能力,亦促進性別觀念的學 習。教師則透過行動的探究,加強對專業知識、自我以及教學環境覺知,更加敏銳的處理性別相關議題,修正原先的意識型態,為自己選擇的行動負責。
Action research, in which teaching and evaluation are combined, is one of the most effective ways to improve instruction and curricula. This investigation provides one actual experience through constructional activities and integrated concept to develop structural curriculum. The researcher used teamwork, role-playing, narrative educational activities and performance assessments in order to integrate both the role of gender and the different ways of student arts representation. It was found that in art class students can investigate, through the creation of works of art, the meanings and characteristics of gender difference as well as many other issues present in everyday life. Art classes can combine student’s life experience to further develop their critical thinking ability. Through this action research project, Art instructors not only developed their professional knowledge but also their consciousness of their educational environment. More specifically, they became more sensitive to gender issues, more aware of their own unconscious gender “ideology”, and become more responsible for his/her behavior through teaching.
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