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Title: 國民小學教師知識取得的可行策略及其障礙因素之研究
Other Titles: A Study on the Feasible Strategies and the Impeditive Factors for Elementary Teachers to Acquire Knowledge of Elementary: Schools in Tainan County, Taiwan
Authors: 曾國鴻
Issue Date: Sep-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解國民小學教師進行知識取得的可行策略及其障礙因素,並比較不同個人背景變項對其可行策略與障礙因素看法的差異情形。本研究之研究對象為服務 於臺南縣的國民小學教師,研究方法採行教師訪談與問卷調查法等兩種,教師訪談的對象為四位服務於臺南縣的國小教師;問卷調查部分則以立意取樣的方式寄出 750份問卷,有效問卷計669份,可用率為93.44%,所得資料以百分比統計、t考驗、單因子變異數分析等統計方法進行分析,俾驗證研究假設。本研究 發現國小教師進行知識取得的可行策略為參加研習會、至學術單位進修、校外人力資源的協助、教學協同團體的資料、參與知識社群、教學觀摩、聊天、閱讀、電腦 網路的應用等;而障礙因素為研習課程不符所需、各種進修的障礙、學習動機低落、選擇知識能力不足、資訊過量、電腦硬體設備不合時宜、資訊素養不足、時間不 夠等。
This study analyzed feasible strategies by which elementary school teachers may acquire knowledge, and the possible impediments to their knowledge acquisition. The subjects were four teachers in elementary schools in Tainan County, Taiwan. The teachers were interviewed and also given questionnaires. A total of 750 questionnaires were mailed out, of which 669 were completed and considered as valid. The return rate for the completed questionnaires was 93.44%. Data collected through the questionnaires was analyzed by percentage statistics, T-testing and one-way ANOVA to provide evidence in support of the hypothesis. [what WAS the hypothesis?] The results of the research are as follows: feasible strategies for acquiring knowledge include participation in seminars or academic symposiums, obtaining human resource assistance from outside of the school, participation in intellectual societies and support groups, observing and chatting with others, reading useful articles and books, and surfing the Internet; the impediments to acquiring knowledge include symposiums which do not meet the teachers' requirements, factors hindering advanced studies [for instance??], insufficient motives for learning, excess information to choose from, the inability to focus on the most relevant areas of knowledge, obsolete computer equipment and peripherals, inadequate capacity to use information technology, and insufficient time.
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