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Title: 科技大學生死學的教與學
Other Titles: Science and Technology College Students' Expectations and Degree of Satisfaction in Life-and-Death Studies
Authors: 陳錫琦
Issue Date: Apr-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在了解科技大學學生對生死學的學習需求、需求滿足、教學勝任,及學習需求與需求滿足、教學勝任間是否達到平衡。以15 所科技大學中選讀生死學的學生為母群體,以郵寄問卷普查,有8 所學校寄回,得有效問卷361 份。結果顯示,研究對象對生死學42 項內容,其「學習需求」以「需要或傾向需要」為大多數,有36 項。「需求滿足」以「普通滿足」為大多數,有35 項。「教學勝任」以「傾向勝任」為大多數,有41 項。學習需求與需求滿足達到平衡者有2 項,與教學勝任有18 項。最後,針對結果加以討論,並在生死學的教學方面提出若干建議。
The purpose of this study is to analyze science and technology college students’ learning expectations in the area of Life-and-Death Studies and the degree to which these expectations may be satisfied by the course content and by the instructors’ way of teaching them. The subjects of our study were Life-and-Death Studies students in 15 colleges. 8 of these colleges mailed back the questionnaires we sent out, and in total we got 361 valid questionnaires. The results showed that: out of a total of 42 items expressing students’ expectations, there are 36 items that students express a “tendency” for learning expectations; there are 35 items that students show a “general satisfaction”; and there are 41 items that students address a “tendency for competence” of instructors. But for only 2 items was there a balance between learning expectations and satisfaction of expectations; for 18 items there was a correlation between learning expectations and competence of instructors. Finally the researcher discusses the results and makes some suggestions for how we may improve Life-and-Death Studies instruction in our Science and Technology colleges.
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