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Title: 影響教師創意教學因素之研究
Other Titles: Factors Influencing the Creative Instruction of Integrated Activities Teachers
Authors: 洪久賢
Issue Date: Aug-2007
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討影響綜合活動教師創意教學的因素,以曾獲綜合活動創意教學獎─特優獎的教師為研究對象,採焦點團體晤談、深度訪談、觀察法與內容分析法。研 究主要發現為:影響綜合活動教師創意教學的因素有(1)思考類型─立法型,(2)人格特質─創意點子多、嘗新求變、自信、喜歡幻想、求知慾高、敏銳的自 覺、接受新經驗、開放的心胸、勇於面對挑戰、面對障礙時的堅持、具有幽默感、願意成長等,(3)家庭因素─開放包容自主的教養方式、父母的身教等,(4) 成長及教育歷程─童年的自創遊戲、同儕間的腦力激盪、良師的感召等,(5)教學信念、動機、個人的努力與豐富的專業經驗,以及(6)組織環境;其中又以教 學信念、個人的努力和內在動機為主要的因素。本研究對培育創意教師提出具體建議。
A qualitative research method was used to investigate the internal and external factors that influence the “creative instruction” of teachers in the field of Integrated Activities. Focus group interviews, in-depth interviews and classroom observation were used for data collection. Four Integrated Activities teachers who won the Creative Instruction Award for creative teaching were selected as the subjects of this study. The contents of in-depth interviews, teachers’ syllabi, lesson plans, teachers’ reflections and classroom observation videotapes were analyzed. Data were collected and validated through data triangulation. The following were found to be favorable teacher characteristics for creative instruction in the field of Integrative Activities: (1) thinking style: teachers have a creative and also legislative thinking style; (2) personal traits: teachers are full of ideas, attempt to make changes, are self-confident, imaginative, have a sense of humor, welcome new experiences, are curious, willing to grow, etc.; (3) family factors: teachers have open, tolerant and creative parents and also are open, tolerant and creative in dealing with their own children; (4) growth and educational experiences: teachers themselves grew up playing games created by themselves and their friends, listening to one another’s stories, brainstorming with their classmates and being inspired by good teachers; and, most important of all, (5) teachers love to teach and believe in the importance of hard work and motivation, for themselves and for their students.
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