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Title: 以聲音活出意象情韻
Other Titles: The Impact of Readers Theatre on the Learning of Chinese Literature
Authors: 何洵怡
Shun-yee Ho
Issue Date: Oct-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 朗讀劇場是演員把劇本朗讀出來,不用背誦;其他舞台元素如走位、服飾、燈光等也減至最低,故主要以聲音傳情達意。觀眾靠聽和看接收訊息,同時透過想像在腦海建立自己的藝術世界。今次文學課,學生分組編寫及演出五個文學作品。根據五次問卷、個別學生訪談、老師評核,本研究歸結八成演出者及六成觀眾指出學習效果勝於傳統的導修課。兩批學習者透過不同途徑,包括反覆閱讀原著、編寫剪裁、聲情並茂朗讀、聆聽和觀看演出、劇場後的討論,認為比以往更深刻了解文學作品。其他收穫是增加創意與劇場知識。
Readers Theatre is an oral reading of a script rather than a dramatic, memorized presentation as in traditional theatre. The aim of this study was to analyze the impact of such presentations in a university literature classroom. The research methodologies included student questionnaires, interviews with students, and the teacher’s evaluation. According to the questionnaire results, 80% of readers and 62.3% of listeners find that Readers Theatre has a greater impact on language learning than traditional tutorials. A Readers Theatre requires (inter) active participation by all the learners. Readers have to read the Chinese text in question thoroughly, and not just browse through reference materials, because they have to select adaptable and relevant scenes for writing the script. They must then work together and learn how to use their voices to create characters and actions in the minds of their listeners. Members of the audience, instead of passive1y listening to second-hand material, must actively employ their imaginations and create their own visions of the dramatic subject. After this experience, students are required to discuss the theatre and the book in extension activities. The study concludes that students learn more, and more deeply, about the literary piece through such active communication and through the effective integration of all the language arts--reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Readers Theatre also stimulates their enthusiasm for drama and enhances their creativity.
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