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Title: 中小學生設計實驗技能之學習層次變化分析研究
Other Titles: The Changes of Learning Hierarchies in Students' Investigation Designing Skill
Authors: 許榮富
Issue Date: Jun-1988
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國小六年級、國中及高中一年級學生之設計實驗技能能力之學習層次的變化。  根據設計實驗技能之層次性評量準則,修正中學適用之「科學過程技能學習層次測驗」,並發展國小適用的科學過程技能學習層次測驗工具,各測驗均含問答格式及選擇格式。各格式之測驗Cronbach α值分別為:中學為0.67及0.73;小學為0.65及0.56。設計實驗技能層次分別由三位評分者評分,其Kendall係數(Kendall Coefficient of Concordance)為0.97,評分者之間具有評分的一致性。  本研究以大台北地區之中、小學生為研究對象,分別抽取國小六年級、國中、高中各800人、515人、298人進行實測。  研究發現:國小六年級到高中一年級,每年即之設計實驗技能於問答格式之平均層次分別為:2.13、2.70、2.85、3.13、2.94。於選擇格式之平均層次則分別為:3.26、4.45、4.16、4.64、4.73,二格式間之表現具顯著差異。在年級方面,作答與選擇格式均具年級差異,但不具性別差異。  針對以上的發現,現行科學教材結構分析結果,提出中小學學生之設計實驗技能學習層次之變化的解釋及進一步研究建議。
In this study, the author tries to investigate the changes of the students' learning hierarchies from grade six through ten in investigation designing skill. Items of LHTSP (Learning Hierarchy Test of Science Process Skills) were revised and validated based on the criteria of investigation designing skill. They included both the essay and choice formats. The reliabilijunior and senior high school; 0.65 and 0.56 for the elementary school. The Kendall Coefficient of Concordance W is 0.97 for the essay forms by scored in composing of three science teachers. It showed that they were consistent in scoring. The subjects were selected from the city and county of Taipei. The distribution of subjects were 800 pupils for the elementary school, 515 pupils for the junior high school, and 298 pupils for the senior high school. The findings are that the average levels of learning hierachies in investigation designing skill from the sixth through tenth grade were 2.13, 2.70, 2.85, 3.13, 2.94 for the choice forms, in addition, there are significant difference between grades. Associating the results of the analysis of the structure in the elementary and secondary science texts with the findings of this study, the author proposes some explanations of the changes of the investigation designing skills, and recommands some suggestions for further research.
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