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Title: 國中本國區域地理的整合式教學
Other Titles: THE Integrated Teaching of Chinese Regional Geography in the Secondary School
Authors: 陳國川
Issue Date: Jun-1988
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文的主要目的,是評估「整合教學模式」在本國區域地理教學上的有效性。整合教學模式是一種同時整合教學目標、教學活動和教學評量等教學過程,以及同時整合認知、技能和情意目標等學習領域的教學法。其基本精神是:教學目標以地理課程目標和地理教材為設計的基礎;教學活動以學生為中心,且貫穿認知和情意二個領域;教學評量以教學目標和教學活動為設計的依據。評估的結果顯示,整合教學模式不僅增加了學生學習區域地理的興趣和意願,同時也有助於認知、技能和情意等教學目標的達成。另一方面,評估的結果亦發現,以整合教學模式從事區域地理教學,其教學過程的一貫性,卻常受偶發的校內或校外課外活動的干擾。
This paper conducted here, is an attempt to assess the effect of the "integrated teaching model", which was applied to the teaching of Chinese regional geography in the secondary school. The "integrated teaching model" is a teaching method which tried to integrate different instructional procedures such as instructional objectives, instructional activitives and instructional evaluations, as well as different learning domains such as cognitive, psychomotor and affective objectives at the same time. The fundamentals of this teaching model are: the instructional objectives are designed based upon the objectives for geographic curriculum and the teaching materials of geography; the instructional activitives, which are student-centered, comprise the cognitive and affective domains; and the instructional evaluations are designed based upon the instructional objectives and the instructional activitives. The results of assessment indicate that the integrated teaching model will not only help students to increase their interest in and willingness of learning geography,but also help them to attain instructional objectives including those in cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains. On the other hand, it is also found out when this model of the teaching of regional geography is applied, the whole teaching processes have alway been interupted by occasional extracurricular activitives inside or outside the school.
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