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Title: 國小學生科學探究活動的課程設計及實施成果之個案研究
Authors: 謝甫佩
Issue Date: Dec-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在設計一個適合國小實施的科學探究活動課程,並透過實際的教學瞭解其實施結果,希望藉此類課程之實施提昇學生對科學的興趣、理解相關的科學概念,及獲得過程技能。本研究採單組前後測,並結合個案研究設計,在資料分析方面,採用描述性統計和質性詮釋。研究對象經過一學年的教學,成果如下:隨著時間的增加,平均有90.8%的學生能說明具體的概念或技能;平均有94.3%的學生能提出相關的問題;平均有70.1%的學生能應用學到的知識或實驗跟大家分享。此外,由合適性問卷上的統計得知,此課程能使學生對科學探究產生歸屬感,對學生而言是很合適的;最後,研究者由教學上的反思精鍊此課程,並提出相關的建議。
The purpose of this thesis was to design the applicable curriculum for scientific inquiry activity and to investigate the effectiveness of promoting students' interest about science, understanding of relevant conceptions, and process skills achievement by means of instruction. The one-group pretest-posttest design was combined case study in this research. The subjects were instructed to implement the inquiry curriculum, and the curriculum had been continued for one year. The collected data was analyzed by descriptive statistics and qualitative method. The results of this research were as followings: 90.8% of students were able to make a description of specific conceptions and skills; 94.3% of students were able to address relevant questions; 70.1% of students were able to apply knowledge they learned and shared each other. Besides, the afterward survey for students indicated that the subjects agree that the inquiry activities help them belong to the community. Finally, the researcher has refined this curriculum of suitability through teaching and reflection.
Other Identifiers: 8DB48ACF-3B2A-CC35-B433-2250D7A9D995
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