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Title: 劉勰文心雕龍風格論新探
Other Titles: New Research on the Stylistics of the Literary Mind and Carving of Dragons by Liu Hsieh
Authors: 王更生
Issue Date: Jun-1991
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 劉勰的風格論,為當前研究文心雕龍的學者所樂道。本文所以命名為「新探」,其內容和一般人的說法最大不同點,是我首先掌握了劉勰風格論的主導思想,為他持以說明的風格形成的因素和類型,找到學理上的依據;其次,我認為文學風格不是單獨存在的個體,它往往和時代與作家息息相關,因此,我又從風格論的定點上,進一步根據劉勰的說法,來透視時代文風和作品風格的真象。由以上兩個觀點建構完成的個人之見,希望能有助於訪者對「劉勰文心雕龍風格論」的了解。
The stylistics of Liu Hsieh is discussed greatly by the scholars who research into The Literary Mind and Carving of Dragons. The reason why I name this article "New Research" isbecause its contents are different from general ideas. First, I grasp the main idea of Liu Hsieh's stylistics and find the theoretical base for theelements and types which he used to explain the formation of style. Second, I do not think literary style exists alone: it is always closely related with an eraand its writers. So. from the point of stylistics according to Liu Hsieh. I go further into theturth of literary style in an era and of writers. I hope my personal opinions consisting of the two respectives above can enhancereaders' understanding on the stylistics of The Literary Mind and Carving of Dragons by LiuHsieh.
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