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Title: 閱讀與寫作整合的寫作歷程模式之適配度研究
Other Titles: The Verification of a Writing Process Model-Integrated Reading and Composition
Authors: 陳鳳如
Issue Date: Apr-2000
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究的目的在建構閱讀與寫作整合的寫作歷程模式,並以實徵資料來驗證此一模式的適配度。 在研究中,根據社會建構的觀點及文獻的證據,提出一個涵蓋寫作者內部的讀者角色功能、寫作者角色功能、寫作情意反應和寫作表現等四個成份的歷程模式,並以國中二年級學生為觀察資料,經由LISREL的統計套裝軟體進行分析。研究結果發現,本研究所提出的理論模式在整體適配度的考驗上,除易受樣本數影響的卡方考驗外,其餘各項指標都顯示本研究所提出的理論模式與觀察資料可以適配。在模式內在品質的評鑑方面,也顯示理論模式的內在品質尚稱理想。這些結果顯示,本研究所建構的閱讀與寫作整合的寫作歷程模式,可以用來解釋一般國中二年級學生的觀察資料,而且在這個模式中,變項之間結構關係的假定也大部分獲得支持。 最後,研究者根據研究結果,提出幾項建議作為未來進一步研究的參考。
The purposes of this study was to verify the goodness of fit between empirically observed data and the "Writing Process Model-Integrated Reading and Composition" proposed by the researcher. The researcher proposed the "Writing Process Model-Integrated Reading and Composition" which included the components of "reader-role function", "writer- role function", affective reaction, and writing performance and verify the goodness of fit of the "Writing Process Model-Integrated Reading and Composition". The participants were 270 eighth-grade students from three junior high schools in Taipei. The instruments were used in this study which include Reading Experience Inventory, Reading Strategy Inventory, Reading Comprehension Test, Self-Awareness of Reading Strategy Inventory, Writing Strategy Inventory, Self-Awareness of Writing Strategy Inventory, Writing Affection Reaction Inventory, Writing Scale, and Creative Writing Scale. Data was analyzed by LISREL. The results indicated that the "Writing Process Model-Integrated Reading and Composition" fitted the observed data well, either when overall or when internal structure model fit criteria was used. Based on the results, the researcher provided some suggestions and future studies.
Other Identifiers: 8880F819-7364-3C43-DE53-89F722AF7B32
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