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Title: Construction and Validation of Instrument to Assess Chemistry Manipulative Technique-Sublimation
Other Titles: 化學實驗技能評量工具的設計與效化: 「昇華」技能
Authors: 王澄霞
Issue Date: Jun-1991
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文報告化學實驗技能-「昇華」的標準參照評量工具之設計與效化過程,結果如下:(1)使用概念分析法分析「昇華」實驗技能,據以建立評量的基準,設計良 好的評量工具,正確地評量出學生的成績,並找出學生犯錯之處,施以補救教學,而改進其實驗技能。(2)使用內容分析法及評量分析法,據以設計標準參照精通 評量工具,來評量學生的學習達成階層。(3)評量工具的信度與效度適用於大學初級有機化學實驗課程之化學實驗技能的評量。(4)本研究所設計的含S-P表 分析法(一種無母數法)之效化過程,能適用於效化班級標準參照精通評量工具,此由「昇華」實驗技能評量工具的效化而得到驗證。
This article describes a process to construct and validate criterion-referenced mastery measurement (CRMM) for sublimation technique. The results of this work are as follows: 1. Concept analysis was used in the analysis of sublimation to construct a better evaluation tool whichgave accurate grades and searched out what mistakes the learner made so that the mistakescould be corrected by remedial instruction. 2. Content analysis and evaluation analysis wereused to establish criteria which led to construction of an evaluation tool to assess the learninglevels attained. 3. Reliability and validity of the tool are satisfactory for assessing whether thestudents can perform sublimation of ordinary cases in introductory organic chemistry laboratorycourse. 4. The designed process containing S-P chart analysis, a non-parametric method, is satisfactory in validating the assessment tool for classroom CRMM. as applied to sublimation.
Other Identifiers: 887EB97C-664E-EC98-6D76-E2744C9FEC17
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