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Title: 大學生辯証性思考與成熟人際關係發展整體關聯之研究
Other Titles: Dialectical Thinking and the Development of Mature Interpersonal Relationships among College Students
Authors: 邱文彬
Issue Date: Sep-2004
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討大學生辯証性思考與成熟人際關係之容忍性、同理心、自我揭露、自主性發展的整體性關係,受試者為432位年級與性別分佈平均的技職校院大 學生,以問卷蒐集資料並進行相關性研究,資料分析採用迴歸分析,典型相關分析,以及多元區別分析。結果發現辯証性思考與四個成熟人際關係變項(容忍性、同 理心、自我揭露、自主性)呈正相關,對於這四個變項具有顯著的正向預測力,並且都高於形式性思考的預測力。區別分析指出成熟人際關係四個變項的線性組合可 以區辨認知思考的發展水平,典型相關分析的結果支持認知思考與成熟人際關係發展存有整體關聯性。綜合二者發現,指出辯証性思考應是成熟人際關係的必要非充 要條件。本研究討論上述發現的意義,並提出大學生辯証性思考對大學生處理人際關係的啟示與未來研究建議。
The purpose of this study was to explore the holistic relationship between dialectical thinking and the development of mature interpersonal relationships. The subjects were 432 college students from the technological and vocational school system, representing both genders and a variety of grade levels. A questionnaire was used to collect data collection for a correlational study. Results showed that students' dialectical thinking had a significantly higher correlation than formal thinking with four dimensions of mature interpersonal relationships: tolerance, empathy, self-disclosure, and autonomy. Multiple Discriminant Analysis showed that the linear combination of these four dimensions was an effective means of distinguishing between the operations of formal and dialectical thinking. The results of Canonical Correlation Analysis indicated that the relationship between cognitive thinking and mature interpersonal relationships was congruent with the holistic approach. Combining both findings, those of Multiple Discriminant Analysis and Canonical Correlation Analysis, indicated that dialectical thinking is a necessary rather than sufficient condition for the development of mature interpersonal relationships. Possible reasons for these findings are discussed in the paper, along with their implications for the development of interpersonal relationships among college students, and suggestions for future research.
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