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Title: 馬華散文視野與技藝的革新(1967-1975)
Other Titles: The View & Reformation of Accomplishments of Malaysian Chinese Prose (1967-1975)
Authors: 陳大為
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 1960年代末至1970年代,馬華散文創作進入充滿爆發力和衝突性的革新時期,在創作手法、主題思想、敘事風格方面都有多元的發展,若純粹以西方文學理論為準則來進行評析,肯定會陷入劃地自限的困境,也遮蔽了其他不在理論範圍內的優秀散文。馬華現代派作家以「現代散文」之名作為斷代的準則,與之前的白話散文作區隔,也不妥當。現代散文的界定十分模糊,亦缺乏足夠的實踐成果來支持他們的理念。本文企圖重新架構和評估當時的散文發展趨勢與成果,鎖定何乃健、溫瑞安、溫任平等三位最能夠展現出強大創作力和革新意識的重要作家,從他們的創作歷程的開展和演化,來重構那一段散文史的發展脈絡。
From late 1960's till 1970', Malaysian Chinese proses had gone into the powerful and conflictive revolution period. The multi development from various aspects of creativity, thematic thoughts and narrative styles, will get into some limitation while being analyzed via western way, in which those excellent proses not bounded within the theory will be omitted. Modern Malaysian Chinese writers keeping the "modern prose" as the principle of historical division, to separate against proses written in vernacular Chinese before is inappropriate either. The boundary of modern prose is fuzzy, and is lacking the harvest of practice to support the concepts. This article is trying to reconstruct and evaluating the trend & harvest of proses at that time. By locking on the unfold and evolvement of the creation courses of He Renjian, Wen Ruian, Wen Renping and etc writers of consequence who exhibited the powerful creativity and revolution consciousness, this article will reconstruct the development venation of a poetic history.
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