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Title: 身心障礙兒童與家庭
Other Titles: Children with Special Needs and Their Families
Authors: 陳昭儀
Issue Date: Jun-1995
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文主要是探討身心障礙兒童與家庭,首先由身心障礙兒童與家庭的 關係談起,討論家庭的重要性及特殊兒童與家庭的交互影響。按著探討身心障礙 兒童的父母之心理調適過程。第三部份是討論身心障礙兒童的家庭壓力,影響家 庭適應壓力的因素包括:身心障礙兒童的殘障狀況、父母的婚姻情況、身心障礙 兒童的手足態度、身心障礙兒童的年齡、家庭經濟的壓力。第四部份乃在探討父 母對身心障礙兒童的輔導方式:對身心障礙兒童的期待、管教態度、心理適應、 社會適應、與異性的相處、長期計畫。第五部份是介紹家庭參與早期介入方案的 幾種作法。最後則介紹相關的社會資源,除了我國的資源之外,也簡介了美國、 日本、英國等國的社會資源情況。
This article focused on children with special needs and their families. Starting with the issue of children with special needs and their families, the article addressed the important roles of families and the mutual influences between these children and their families. It further discussed the process of adaptation undergone by these children's parents. The third part discussed the pressures placed on the families of children withspecial needs, and the factors which affect families ability to handle those pressures, including: l)the level of the child's handicap; 2)the condition of the parents' marriage;3)the attitude of the child's siblings; 4)the age of the child; and 5) the family's financialsituation. The fourth section examined the approaches parents took in the followingsituations: l)the treatment they offer their children; 2)their attitudes toward their children; 3)the children's emotional adjustment; 4)the children's social adjustment; 5)thechildren's ability to interact with members of the opposite sex; and 6)the families longterm plans. In addition, the article attempts toward addressed early intervention program by the parents. Finally, the article offered resources available for parents in Taiwan, United States, Japan, and Great Britain.
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