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Title: 加鍺培育小麥草之鍺含量
Other Titles: Germanium Content of Germanium Enriched Wheat Sprout
Authors: 姜宏哲
Issue Date: Jun-1987
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 小麥草汁現成為一種新的健康食品,而合成有機鍺Ge-132(Carboxygerma-nium sesquioxide)亦以健康食品名義用以治療慢性疾病。為提高小麥草中有機鍺之含量,使其更具價值,本研究以不同濃度之無機二氧化鍺水溶液栽培小麥,並對所生長小麥草以改良苯夫倫-鍺(PF)比色定量法,測定該鍺含量,同時觀察比較該鍺含量與與生長情形之影響,並以不同溶液對小麥草粹取,得知其中的鍺較易溶於水。也嘗試大量培育小麥草的栽培條件,以便日後作分離及化學結構決定。
Wheat sprout is a popular healthy food. The synthetic organogermanium compound, Ge-132 (carboxygermanium sesquioxide), is used as healthy food and is applaed for , curing chronic disease. In order to increase the amount of natural organogermanium in. wheat sprout. Inorgaic germanium dioxide is fed to the wheat during its planting. The content of germanium in wheat sprout is then determind by the improved Phenyfluorone colorimetric method. Also the effect of germanium dioxide to growth is compared. Mass production of wheat sprout is also tried for the isolation and structure determination of organogermanium in wheat sprout hereafter.
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