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Title: 現職國中工藝教師參加「暑期學士學位進修班」調查研究
Other Titles: A Study of Junior High School Industrial Arts Teachers Participating in Summer Program for Bachelor's Degree
Authors: 朱鳳傳
Issue Date: Jun-1989
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 國立臺灣師範大學工藝教育系為了改善現職國中教師素質,使具專科資格之中學工藝教師得有機會提昇其學歷,乃自七十七學年度起,舉辦暑期學士學位進修班。本研究的主要目的在於:(1)瞭解願意參加學士學位進修之教師人數,及其相關特質(如年齡、教學年資等);(2)探討目前國中擔任工藝科教學者之人數、教育背景、及資格等狀況。由本研究之各項發現可得以下數項結論: 1.現職合格工藝教師中,專科程度以下者佔約百分之五十,其中專科程度之418人中有411人願意參加暑期學士學位進修,比例極高。 2.願意參加學士學位班之教師以36至40歲、服務年資為16~20年者為最多,這反應了在民國五十七年延長國民教育時,因需求大量的教師而延用了許多僅具專科、甚至於高中資格的教師。如何提高其素質是一件不能中斷的任務。 3.有許多工藝教師是在民國五十七年進入國中開始任教,而其中將有於服務滿25年後自願退休者,其人數呈倍增狀態,這在培育工藝教師時應加以重視的。 4.目前國中工藝科教師仍然短缺,若將未來退休(含自願及屆齡)者,及高中的部分併入考慮的話,工藝師資培育的人數宜加以特別注意。
The purposes of this study were: (1) to find out the number of teachers who were interested in participating in the Summer Program for Bachelor's Degree (SPBD), and their characteristics; and (2) to explore the profile of industrial arts teachers currently teaching in junior high schools. The major conclusions reached were: 1.About half of the high school industrial arts teachers were college graduates or below. Besides, more than 95% of these teachers had intention to participate in SPBD. 2.Most of those teachers who intended to participate in SPBD were 36 to 40 years old, and had 16 to 20 years of teaching experience. This fact showed that a lot of unqualified industrial arts teachers were recruited in 1968 when com-pulsory education was prolonged to nine years. Obviously, in order to assure the quality of education, it is necessary for us to keep upgrading their teaching competence. 3.After 25 years of teaching, many industrial arts teachers who started teaching in 1968 would like to retire voluntarily. It implies that we have to take this into account when we plan preservice industrial arts teacher training.
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