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Title: 氫氧基與氨氣反應速率的量測與探討
Other Titles: Kinetic Study of the Reaction of OH with NH3
Authors: 何嘉仁
Issue Date: Jun-1993
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本實驗用微波放電流管一共振螢光裝置(microwave-dischargeflow- resonance fluorescence)來測氫氧基與氨氣的反應速率常數。利用微波放電使氫氣分解產生氫原子,而後氫原子再與二氧化氮反應產生氫氧基。反應物氨氣經活動進氣管注入流管中不同位置。共振螢光光源來自於水汽微波放電分解產生之氫氧基激發態,由反應物加入氫氧基作用之處到偵測器的距離不同,改變反應時間約長短,觀測共振螢光強度變化,可求得室溫下反應速率常數為k(0H+NH3)=(1.28± 0.32)X1O���Ccm�獻olecule�笐糜�笐薄A該數據與其它文獻值很接近,可知本實驗系統無顯著系統性誤差。
The discharge flow-resonance fluorescence system was used tomeasure the rate constants of OH reactions with NH��. Hydrogen atomswere generated by passing a mixture of H in He through a microwavedischarge. OH radicals were prepared by reacting H atoms with NO��.The excited OH radicals in the light source was produced bydischarging H�烙/He mixture. The reactant, NH��, was admitted at different points in the flow tube via the movable injector. Reaction timewas related to the distance from detector to the reactant admittedpoint. By monitoring the intensity of resonance fluorescence, we canobtain the rate constant at room temperature. The result is:K(OH+NH��)= (1.28 ± 0.32) X 10���C cm�� molecule�笐糜�笐� There is no significant systematic error when compared to the data inthe literature.
Other Identifiers: 509AB527-4019-F42D-591B-57A9BC44C249
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