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Title: 體育科學中的認知學習對技能學習的影響
Other Titles: A Comparison of Teaching Eeffect on Learning Through Cognitive learning in Physical Education
Authors: 黃國義
Issue Date: Jun-1981
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: The study was conducted during the First Term of 1981. Subjects were 80 male students at the Ho-ping Junior High School, Taipei. According to their Pre-class test results, they were divided homogeneously into 4 groups. Each group received 3 weeks "Basketball Set-Shot" instruction. The teaching methods were:group I: Students were given instructions, demonstration and clue of feed-back.groupII: Students were given instructions, demonstration, However with no clue of feedback. groupIII:Students were given instructions, however with no demonstraction and clue of feedback.grpupIV:Nothing of above mentioned were given.The Purpose of the present research was to investigate:1. The variance from results of teaching Physical Education between cognitive learning and non-cognitive learning.2. The variance among the various Physical Education teaching methods.3. The variance from pre-class test to post-class test of 4 kind of Physical Education Teaching methods.The data were subjected to Analysis of Variance and Posterion Comparisons Newman-Keuls Method. Along with a detailed analysis and discussion, the study drew the following conclusions.1. Teaching Physical education with cognitive learning was signifi-cantly superior to non-cognitive learning (p<.01).2. Teaching Method I was significently superior to Teaching. Method II (p<.01)and superior to Teaching Method III(p<.05)3. Teaching Method II was superior to Teaching Method IV(p<-05)4. Although each teaching method has its strength and weakness, Yet by companing the results of Pre-class test and Post-class test it is found each teaching method have considerable im-porvement(p<.01).
Other Identifiers: 37D3177B-31A2-7DFB-B00A-483C72E9CBEB
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