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Title: 國民中學生物科多模式教學的學術功效
Other Titles: A Study on the Effecyt of Broader Repertoire of Instructional Models on Academic Achievement of Junior High School Biology
Authors: 楊榮祥
Issue Date: Jun-1987
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究上一年曾探討兩種「探討式」與「組織因子」教學模式對學生學習的影響。變異數分析結果發現,探討教學模式對不同認知發展水準的學生並無顯著不同的功效,但班級學習活動中「活躍學生」比「非活躍學生」,無論在知識、推理應用及解決問題能力上,均有顯著優異的表現(P<0.01),另外共變數分析結果顯示,這三種教學模式無論在知識、歸納性與擴散性思考的成就上,均優於對照組(P<0.01)(楊榮祥,民75年)。  本年再加上另外三種教學模式,包括「概念達成」與二種屬於社會性交互作用類的模式(「集體探討」與「角色扮演」),運用3×3×3多因子實驗設計,以探討不同組合教學模式的功效。變異數分析,再經由單純主要效果分析比較結果顯示:(1)運用「多種教學模式」的兩組,都比運用「單一教學模式」的一組,無論在學術或科學態度上,均有顯著優異(P<0.01)的表現;(2)所實驗三組不同的教學模式組合,對於不同認知發展水準的學生都無顯著不同的功效。
In the previous year program, 3-way ANOVA with a repeated measure was applied to test the effect of inquiry and expository models of instruction. No significant A (repertoire of instructional models) X B (different levels of cognitive development) interaction was found, but there appeared significant B X C (pre, mid, and post-tests) interaction. THe follow-up analysis indicated that the active students were superior to the non-active students. The greater number of the active students in the classes of inquiry learning models suggested that the inquiry approach of instruction increased the students' freedon of action, leading them to better learning. In the study this year, three more instructional models, including concept attainment and two other models in the realm of "social interaction family", i. e. "group investigation and role-playing", were added for further study on the effect of different repertoire of instuctional models. Again, 3 x 3 x 3 factorial design with a repeated-measure in C factor was applied. The result indicated that (1) students in the broader repertoire of instructional models were signigicantly (p < .01) better than the students in the single model of instruction on tested dependent variable, (2) no signigicant A (different repertoire of instructional models) f B (different levels of cognitive development) interaction was found.
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