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Title: Improving Chemistry Experimental Learning Through Process-Mapping
Other Titles: 以過程圖提高化學實驗技能的學習成就:對-硝基乙醯苯胺之水解
Authors: 王澄霞
Issue Date: Jun-1993
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究以過程圖為一種後設認知工具,藉此工具,學習者組織、建構、修正及提升他們的認知結構,生成自己對實驗活動的理解,面對新情境時,亦能解決化學實驗問題。本研究針對化學實驗技能,訂定過程因學習/評量模式,讓學習者使用過程圖模式,進行有機化學實驗,由結果來驗證此模式的成效。研究結果,過程圖畫的好的學生,相對的實作成績及技能測驗成績也好。結果證明過程圖學習/評量模式是有效的。
The heuristic concept mapping is a kind of metacognitive strategy whichhelps learners (1) link prior knowledge to a new information, (2) understandconcepts and relationship between them, and (3) see the hierarchical, conceptual,and prepositional nature of knowledge This study was undertaken to find out if process-mapping serves as ametacognitive tool to help learners link, organize, construct, modify, and elaborate their prototype process-concept frameworks to meet new situations and solvechemistry problems e.g., hydrolysis of p-nitroacetanilide. A model of learning/assessment was designed using process-mapping to develop chemistryexperimental skills. The effectiveness of using the model in instructing organicchemistry experiments was evaluated. Twenty-three students (100) passed the experimental assignments. Twentystudents (86.9) passed the chart drawing. Twenty-three students (100)passed (Pj > 80) the post-test. The majority of the students did well in thestructured charts who also obtained good experimental results (high yield andhigh purity); they were good in the experimental skill tests . Only a few studentsdid poorly in the maps. Overall students' learning achievements were high. Withrespect to (a) the structured process-maps drawn by students, (b) students' learning evaluated by test items, and (c) students' practical works, consistencies were90.9 each for (a) with (b), (a) with (c), and (a) with (b) with (c), and 100 for(b) with (c). The positive correlation among results of students' process-mapping,practical works, and test results seemed to indicate that concept mapping canserve as a tool to help learners organize, construct, modify, and elaborate theircognitive frameworks to solve a new chemistry experimental problem. The modelof learning/assessment using structured process map was thus found effective.
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