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Title: 不同型式自我導向學習對高血壓防治知識之效果研究
Other Titles: A Study on Effectiveness of Different Types of Self-directed Learning in Knowledge of Hypertension
Authors: 鄭惠美
Issue Date: Oct-1997
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 為發展本土化自我導向學習衛生教育策略,本研究針對目前國內進行自我導向學習面臨的困難,發展出「集體學習式的自我導向學習」型式,並採準實驗設計,立意選取北市六個地區,由其成年民眾自由報名參與本為期二年的高血壓防治知識自我導向學習實驗研究,以多元迴歸分析具有完整資料的 127 位研究對象追蹤驗證其效果,研究結果發現,(1) 「小團體學習式」和「集體學習式」自我導向學習對於增進學習者自我導向學習傾向的立即、短期、長期效果及高血壓防治知識的立即性、短期效果是一樣的;(2) 但是「集體學習式」在增進學習者高血壓防治知識長期效果顯著的比「小團體學習式」差;(3) 不論「小團體學習式」或「集體學習式」的自我導向學習對於研究對象高血壓防治知識、自我導向學習傾向的增進都有顯著的立即效果、短期效果、長期效果。
The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of two types self-directed learning. The quasi-experimentation design was used in this research. The results were: 1. The effectiveness of selfdirected learning approach were good. (1) The immediately effect, short-term effect and long-term effect in hypertension knowledge were significant. (2) The immediately effect, short-term effect and longterm effect in self-directed learning readiness towards hypertension were significant. 2. The two types of self-directed learning approach had the same effectiveness in hypertension knowledge in immediately effect and short-term effect. 3. The long-term effect in hypertension knowledge change was more obvious in small group self-directed learning approach than collective self-directed learning approach.
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