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Title: 國小教師對休閒農場提供資源實施校外教學活動之評估研究
Other Titles: The Elementary School Teachers Assess the Contribution of Recreational Farms to the Outdoor Education in Taiwan Elementary Schools
Authors: 李晶
Issue Date: Apr-2001
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究主要是以國小教師的觀點針對運用休閒農場資源達成校外教學目標、提供安全的校外教學場所以及協助學校規劃校外教學的課程等三方面進行評估。本研究以問卷調查的方式來進行,調查的對象以民國八十八學年度選擇休閒農場為校外教學地點的國小教師為母體。經問卷調查發現:一、教師對於休閒農場資源可協助達成校外教學目的,給予相當高的評價,包括了認和領域、情意領域及人際關係發展等教學目標。二、教師對休閒農場提供的安全協助評量結果指出:休閒農場是舉辦校外教學活動的安全的場所。三、休閒農場提供的資訊可協助校外教學課程的設計,結果亦顯示農場可提供配合課程的相關資料是影響其再度安排至農場進行校外教學活動的主因。
The purpose of this study is to assess the contributions of recreational farms to outdoor education programs in Taiwan elementary schools. The researcher investigated how to apply the resource in Taiwan recreational farms to achieve the goals of outdoor education, provide safe environment for outdoor education, and assist elementary teachers to plan the better quality of outdoor educational curriculums. The researcher surveyed elementary teachers who took place outdoor educational programs in Taiwan recreational farms during 1999. The results from this study show that the outdoor education programs in Taiwan recreational farms can achieve the goals of outdoor education in the cognitive, affective and social objectives. The scores of the recreational farms providing safe environment for outdoor education are high; therefore, the researcher implies that the recreational farms can provide a safe environment for outdoor education. In addition, the results also shows that teachers were more willing to choose the recreational farms to held outdoor educational programs, if the recreational farms can provide assistance to elementary teachers when they plan outdoor educational curriculums.
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