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Title: 科學實習教師個人實務理論實踐之探究
Other Titles: A Study of Implementation of Science Mentees' Personal Practical Theories
Authors: 林淑梤
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討實習教師個人實務理論( personal practice/practical theory,簡稱PPTs)的成因,實習教師實踐PPTs 以改進教學之功能與成效,以及重建PPTs 所需的條件。研究者利用實驗研究法試行個人實務理論改變模式,協助兩位科學實習教師建立與重建PPTs。研究結果顯示實習教師的PPTs乃根基於個人過去成功的科學學習與認同的教學模式,未必能適用於實習班級的學生。然而,實習教師實踐PPTs 具有突顯個人教學困難與PPTs 的相關性,有助於實習教師反思,改變教學。而且,實踐PPTs 比遵循實習輔導教師教學的實習輔導模式能促使實習教師有較大的改變成效。另外,實踐PPTs 作為實習輔導模式所需的五項條件為賦權、學生的心聲與成果、PPTs 的論辯、新教學實務的成功經驗、以及教學技能的增進。
The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors of formation of mentees’ personal practical / practice theories (PPTs), the functions, effects, and conditions of teaching change by a mentoring model of articulating and implementing mentees’ PPTs as a means of deliberated teacher reflection. We adopted experimental research to assist mentees to articulate and implement mentees’ PPTs through implementing model of PPTs change. We also collect multiple data to examine their teaching change. The results showed that the mentees’ PPTs were based on their past successful science learning and identified teaching model, but their PPTs might be inappropriate for their students’ learning. However, implementing a mentee’s PPTs can expose the relation between one’s teaching difficulties and PPTs, and reflect the relations between one’s past learning model, as well as recent teaching and students’ learning. Furthermore, implementing a mentee’s PPTs had more effects of teaching change than following teaching model of one’s mentor. Besides, the conditions for the implementation and reconstruction of mentee’s PPTs included empowerment, discussion and argumentation of PPTs, collection of students voice and learning outcome, successful experience of new teaching practice, as well as improvement of teaching skills.
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