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Title: 邏輯思考能力評量工具的編製
Other Titles: The Construction of an Instrument for the Evaluation of Logical Thinking
Authors: 黃寶鈿
Issue Date: Jun-1988
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本測驗之編製目的在設計一套評量學生的邏輯思考能力的測試工具(乙卷),並與前一期國科會專題研究計畫所設計之甲卷配合,以建立一套複本測試工具。本測驗之適用範圍為形式操作期之學生。本工具包括比例、控制變因、機率、相關及組合等五種推理能力,每部分包括兩種相同內容的題目。本測驗之折半信度為0.47 - 0.87,庫李信度為0.47 - 0.86,Cronbach信度係數在0.47 - 0.86間。本測驗經由項目分析結果顯示其具有相當的鑑別作用與適當的難度分佈。構念效度為0.31 - 0.82,與化學成就測驗之相關為0..20至0.55,與魏氏智商之相關為0.26至0.47,以上結果皆達到統計上之顯著水準。
The purpose of this study was to develope an instrument of logical thinking, FORM B, as an alternative for of FORM a, which was used in the formal research project sponsored by National Science Council. The test consists ten items designed to measure five modes of formal reasoning: controlling variables, proportional reasoning, probabilistic reasoning, an correlational reasoning. By item analusis, it indicated that the test consisted a reasonable difficulty and a discrimination poper. Analysis of data from 2195 students from grade 7 through college inicated high test realiability (p<.01). The split-haf realiability is 0.47=0.87; the Cronbach coeffocoemt os 0.47-0.86 Rvidemce of croterion-related alidity was obtained from a study with the chemistry achievement test, adn the correlation coefficient is between 0.20 to 0.55. The construct validiy is 0.31-0.82. The correlation coefficient is 0.26-0.47 with IQ test. All the above data provided the high test validity(p<0.1).
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