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Title: 化學實驗技能概念學習之教材設計
Other Titles: A Design of Instructional Material for Concep-tual Learning of Chemistry Experimental Tech-nique-Distillation Technique
Authors: 洪志明
Issue Date: Jun-1994
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 本文研究設計大學階段的蒸餾實驗技能之概念學教材,發展出教材和教導策略,引導學生能發展出同時運用實驗技能、科學過程技能和學科知識,來解決其所新遇到的實驗問題,即達成蒸餾實驗技能的概念學習。蒸餾實技能概念學習的教材與評量工具是根據內容分析和教導/評量分析所得的教導與評量基準而設計的。本教材與教導/評量模式的有效性和評量工具的效度由下列成果看出:(1)超過82的學生達到蒸餾技能概念學習的通過基準。(2)由前測至後測平均通過率增加,顯示出學生學習的進步。(3)學生實驗操作成果與實驗技能、科學過程技能、學科知識間有很高正相關。
This study designed a set of instructional materals for conceptual learning of distillation technique at university level. Instructional materials andinstruction strategies were developed and organized to guide students toward developing ability of simultaneously using the technique, intellectualinquiry skills, and subject matter knowledge to solve chemistry problemsnew to them, i.e., achieving conceptual learning. The instructional materialsand assessment instrucments were developed on the basis of specific instructional and assessment criteria that arose from content analysis and instruction/evaluation analysis. The efficiency of the Materials, instruction strategies and the validity of the assessment instrument were observed in (1) thefacts that above 82 of the students passed at the criteria for conceptuallearning of distillation; (2) progress of learning indicated by increments inthe average passing rates from pre-test to post-test; and (3) strong positivecorrelations of the actual results of experimental technique performanceswith test results on (a) experimental skills, (b) the science-process skills,and (c) the subject-matter knowledge.
Other Identifiers: 0A754E01-8125-6B37-36F9-BF1274DDE413
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