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Title: 亞斯柏格症學生輔導實例
Other Titles: A Different Student-Mark
Authors: 王遠敏
Issue Date: Mar-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 融合教育是目前重要的教育潮流,但是一般人對於「亞斯伯格症」(Asperger Syndrome)仍是陌生,甚至未曾聽聞,雖然「亞斯伯格症」是自閉症的系列障礙之一,認為亞斯伯格症與自閉症有相同的症狀及行為特徵,但和自閉症仍有很大的不同。本文是以一位就讀國中普通班之亞斯伯格症學生-Mark為例,說明Mark在行為及適應學校生活上的種種特殊行為模式,引起全班同學及家長的反彈及拒絕。在學校行政團隊、普通班教師與特教教師的合作下,透過資源整合與階段性的訓練計畫與回歸計畫模式,成功的讓Mark從被全體同學、家長連署抗議安置入班到漸漸的接納他、協助他、呵護他,並帶領他融入班級活動,讓Mark快樂走過了國中三年,以達成融合的目標與理想。
Inclusive Education was currently one of the most important educational trends. This article tried to describe how teachers integrated resources for a student with Asperger syndrome, who studied in a general classroom in order to allow him gradually successfully be included in the classroom. The methods were: integrating resources from parents and general teachers when problem behaviors were handled. By these methods, teachers and peers were more willing to accept the student with Asperger syndrome and the goal of inclusion would be achieved.
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