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Title: 身心障礙者生涯發展理論結合生涯轉銜之運用與省思
Other Titles: Career Transition Services of Handicapped Individuals Based on Theory of Career Development--Its Reflection and Application
Authors: 潘苾苺
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 身心障礙者的生涯發展往往受到較大的限制與阻礙,於探討身心障礙者特殊教育與社會福利服務提供時,最好能有效結合生涯發展理論,以建構完整且全面性的生涯轉銜體系並提供完整之生涯服務規劃。由於不同的生涯理論各有其不同的立論觀點與作法實務,特殊教育與相關社會福利實務工作者應該採取理論導向之整合性策略,依照身心障礙者不同生涯發展階段及生涯抉擇的問題,統整運用適合的理論取向,進行專業團隊之服務。我國91 年提出之「身心障礙者生涯轉銜服務整合實施方案」,即整合所有相關轉銜服務的理念規劃而成,期待各政府部會及縣市政府單位能盡早依照此方案進行身心障礙者福利服務。不過我國在推動身心障礙者轉銜服務的過程中,似乎對於身心障礙者轉銜有關「生涯發展」與「生涯轉銜」的理論、理念與相關實務作法方面,較少涉及與探討。因此,針對生涯發展理論與生涯轉銜觀點加以探討,以供改善發展我國身心障礙者社會福利與特殊教育之參考。
For people with disabilities and their families, career development and transitin from school to adult life comparatively requires a more extensive amount of planning, knowledge, and coordination. Recently, transition services related to career development theories were broadly discussed and adopted in the field of disabilities. It is also regulated in the Taiwan Carrer Transition Integrated Implementation Program for People with Disabilities (2002) that to connect the welfare demand of individuals with disabilities in different stages of their careers, the related departments of the governments of individual levels shall aggressively communicate and corrdinate with each other and make career transition plan to render individuals with disabilities with complete and continuous services. However, from the career development theory perspective, the conceptualizations of career transition and the transition to employ yment for individuals with disabilities were seldom discussed and needed to be paid more attention in Taiwan. This paper took the career transition perspective on career development theories and applied the concepts of career development and career transition to the social welfare and the disability research academic arena in Taiwan. Recommendations were also offered concerning the implications of the career development theories for educational practices, social welfares and transition services.
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