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Title: 社會故事連環圖片在亞斯伯格症國中生社交技巧及語文能力之教學應用
Other Titles: Using Social Stories and Comic Strips on Teaching Social Skills and Language Abilities for a Junior High Student with Asperger Syndrome
Authors: 梁碧明
Pi-Ming Liang
Fu-Jung Liu
Issue Date: Dec-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 自閉症(Autism)從電影「雨人」放映之後,並經由傳媒的競相報導,普羅大眾對此已不算陌生。但自閉症的亞型﹒亞斯伯格症(Asperger Syndrome) (以下簡稱亞症)卻鮮為人知。亞症既為自閉症光譜障礙之一,也具備某些與自閉症相同的特質,社交接巧的缺陷即是明顯一例。本文以一位就讀園中普通班的亞症學生小佳為個案,他的情緒與行為表現讓老師困擾外,同儕互動間亦引起不少糾紛。本文採用社會故事連環圖片的型式編製系統性課程,教導小佳辨識他人的臉部表情、社會線索、並訓練其自我情緒的表達、口語述說及文字書寫等能力。已連四個月的教學仍持續進行,但足見小佳問題行為的改善。茲彙整課程內容提供教育前線的教師參考。
Autism, a disorder is well-known because of the movie called “Rain Man". However, the subtype of autism, Asperger Syndrome (AS), is not widely knownalthough its characteristics are similar to Autism. This article described a junior high student with AS, whose emotions and behaviors were troublesome to teachers and classmates. A systematic curriculum with showing social stories and comic strips was used to teach him to recognize other's facial and social expressions as well as to train him to express his emotions and abilities by speaking out and writing down. The curriculum has been providing for four months, and the improvements of the student were found. The curriculum content was presented in this article.
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