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Title: 美國身心障礙學生轉銜服務之相關理論與哲學
Other Titles: Theories and Philosophies Concerning Transition for Students with Disabilities in the United States
Authors: 林宏熾
Issue Date: Dec-2005
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 身心障礙者之「轉銜服務」相關的理念與實務,最近隨著美國於2004年重新修正通過「身心障礙個人教育促進法案」(Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004,簡稱IDEA 2004)而再次地受到青睞與囑目。近來更進一步地對於轉銜服務的相關理論與哲學基礎加以建構與探討,擬將轉銜服務的議題與研究更加地專業化、學術化、系統化與科學化,並就哲學的概念與原則提供轉銜服務實務的價值基礎。轉銜服務系統的相關理論及哲學基礎包括:(1)生涯發展理論,(2)青少年發展理論,(3)一般系統理論,(4)常態化哲學,(5)融合哲學,及(6)自我決策哲學。轉銜之理論原則協助解釋臨床實務的工作內容及效果,轉銜之哲學原則提供轉銜實務之價值基礎。雖然,近年來轉銜服務於國外特殊教育的領域中己受到相當大的關切與重視,不過我國在推動身心障礙者轉銜服務的過程中,似乎對於身心障礙者轉銜有關生涯發展與一般系統相關理論,以及轉銜服務的哲學基礎方面,較少涉及與探討。因此,本文謹就身心障礙者轉銜服務的觀點,探討美國轉銜服務之相關理論與轉銜服務之哲學基礎,求他山之石,供我國未來發展之參考。
Concern over the transition services for individuals with disabilities has gained increasing attention. Recently, with the reauthorization of Amendment of Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004, in the United States, it seems that the promise for a better transition for individuals with disabilities is approaching. Especially, with the development of transition services in policy and practice, professionals who implement transition services require a shared understanding of the values and philosophical principles under the practices and policies. This paper provided an introduction to the theories and philosophies in the states such as career development theory, adolescent development theory, general systems theory, normalization philosophy, inclusion philosophy, as well as the philosophy of self-determination, and addressed the importance of re-thinking these concepts in applying them in Taiwan. Transition professionals in Taiwan need to construct a shared vision and a similar lens through which to discover the potential of students with disabilities and to develop the power of effective practice to maximize that potential.
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