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Title: 縣教育局特教評鑑之研究
Other Titles: The Study of Special Education for Visit and Evaluation in Education Bureau, Taitung County
Authors: 程鈺雄
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本文旨在探索縣特教評鑑結果及其功能是否發揮並試圖解答下列問題:(一)教師、學校對評鑑的意涵是否充分了解。(二)教師學校對特教教學和行政工作的態度是否積極。(三)縣府對特教工作的督導、關懷與經費、設備的支援或補助是否落實。(四)學者或評鑑專家對特教所持觀點、期許與執行者(縣府、學校、教師、家長)的認知、溝通和協助是否充分表達。(五)部與縣決策面、執行面的溝通、協調、補助和要求是否圓融和俱續效。諸如此類,都是探討與著眼之處。  探取質與量兼顧的做法,另輔以實地訪視和文件評析的方式,使題旨和結果,前後貫串一致,達到預期效果。研究若能真有成果,願提供各級政府及有關單位的參考,並擬建請「縣擬定特教評鑑方案」供職前準備教育,讓特教資訊更加充實。
This study was to explore the result of county special education evaluation. Whether related functions were well developed and tried to discuss the following issues:  (1) if the meaning of evaluation was well comprehended by teachers and schools.  (2) whether attitudes of teachers and schools were positive toward special education teaching and administration or not.  (3) whether administrative support was well implemented on supervising, caring and funding, and equipment providing and subsidizing to special education.  (4) whether perspectives and expectation of scholars in evaluation was well communicated with understanding of governmental officials, school administration, teachers and parents.  (5) whether communication, coordination and request between central government and local governmental decision-making officials was efficient and harmonious or not.   This study adopted both quantitative and qualitative research methods along with on site visit and document review to reach expected results. The outcome and results of this research was as reference for different levels of governmental officials and relevant organization preparative training providing based on "county evaluation project for special education" was suggested to enrich special education resource.
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